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Drums of the Night

Drums of the Night

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Originally released in May 1969

24" x 30"

Originally painted by artist August Holland in 1965 for Goes Lithography as part of the Decoratone prints line of home decor offered through retailers such as Sears, S&H green stamps, K-mart, and many others.  The August holland Tiki Trillogy have become highly sought after by collectors over the years and considered a holy grail of true midcentury tiki art for many. The original master paintings and prints/plates were considered "lost" to a fire during the 1980's and long forgotten about.  After an extensive 2 year search We were able to locate an original set of master prints filed away in the bottom drawer of a werehouse cabinet and obtain legal permissions to have all three original prints re-issued by the same family owned lithographery company who first printed them in the 1960's!   

These have been Digitally remastered from the Original master copies and printed on a heavy card stock paper as per the originals. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity and are available in one of two size formats as per the originals

For more information on the artist August Holland please click on one of these links:

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